How It Works

At SharingURL, we are trying to help everyone manage their URLs efficiently.

Found a New Interesting URL

When you find an interesting add it as a public or private entity. We try to give a title and description to your url, although you can add your own.

Public Urls are available for everyone

When you add a URL as public entity, it will be available for everyone. Public URLs are best when you want to have a new update in the category.

Private URLs would be only for you

Private URLs will be only visible to you. Any private URL can be updated to Public from the User Dashboard. Private URls can also be shared with your friends.

Sharing URLs

URLs can be shared in Social Media platform and also with your other users on the platform. We support Facebook, Google and Twitter as Social platforms as of now.

Likes and Comments

Feel free to Like and Comment URLs posted by other users. Share your views with other and let them know what you feel.

Invite your friends

Invite your dear friends to the platform and share your interesting URLs with them. Also keep an eye to what they post everyday.